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10 Tips to Stop Snoring for Good for the Noisy in Bed

It has to be up there within the top ten most irritating things to experience – sharing a bed with an incredibly noisy snorer.

If you’ve tried all the simple, cute little cures for snoring with little to no success, then it might be time to upgrade and try some of these tips to snuff the snore out for good.

Yoga for peaceful slumber

I can feel your eyes rolling from here, but there is quite a strong argument for this one. Not strictly in keeping with the exercise regime, although it is similar, yoga is all about relaxation, flexibility, breathing and core strength.

All of these can contribute to a snore-less night – not to mention some of the more mental aspects of yoga and its breathing techniques (essentially a form of meditation) might have some more significant effects over your snoring subconscious.

You’re snoreconscious, if you will.

Try a chin strap

It might be tempting to brush this one off on account of looking ridiculous (but who looks good whilst they sleep?), yet chin straps are one of the easiest and, surprisingly, least irritating sleeping aides out there.

They basically function as a sort elasticated wrap around, stemming from the chin right round to the back of the head (and ears). It’s a forceful way of keeping the jaw locked shut through the night and preventing any errant wandering of the tongue.

Lose some weight!

This is a touchy one, especially if the snorer is embarrassed enough already, but a huge cause of snoring is extra weight (especially around the neck/throat area) which can effectively chokehold airways and keep them from doing their job efficiently.

Shedding even just a few pounds might make a world of difference.

Get your allergies tested

Hardly a quick fix, but it might be worth the time and energy to go see a specialist, or even just your regular doctor to get your allergies tested.

It could very well be that any and all snoring is being caused by something very simple in the bedroom, unbeknownst to you.

Cut the smoking

This should be immediately obvious, but a lot of people don’t make the connection. As if smoking doesn’t do you and your lungs enough damage, it can also cause all kinds of internal swelling, blocking (think mucus; or a ‘smoker’s cough’) and irritation… and you know what comes next. Night time Mongolian throat singing.

Moisten the air

One of the best measures for warding off snoring is to breathe in some steam before bed, opening up the airways.

However, that effect can wear off quite quickly, and the snoring might soon make a return. If only there was a way to keep the air moist while you sleep… Something like a humidifier might do the job.

Try antihistamines

Often used as a medical solution to hay fever, antihistamines work by essentially overriding part of the body’s natural immune system (the part that releases histamines as a way to inflame airways to protect against infection).

Some antihistamines even have the ‘bonus’ of incurring drowsiness.

Invest in a new mattress

Along the same lines as adjusting your sleeping position, or removing a pillow for a better headrest during the right – the cause of your snoring might be down to how you’re lying in bed.

Many older mattresses or beds will naturally sag and lose their rigidity over time. This can not only lead to a list of back problems, but might also be contorting your posture and airways into awkward positions that make it difficult to breathe, thus causing snoring.

It might well be a case of out with the old and in with the new!

Take up a new hobby

Sure, it’s one of the more slightly absurd sounding tips to stop snoring, yet one that has a bizarre amount of success stories. What is it? Take up some form of music that involves breathing.

Anything from singing or taking up the clarinet will begin to strengthen and exercise some throat muscles that might otherwise go unexercised. Not to mention, the music and breathing takes your mind off worries and stress, helping you sleep better overall.

Yes, that does give you a mandate to sing in the shower. No, that doesn’t mean you can use chronic snoring as an excuse for your awful singing voice.

Invest in a mouthpiece

The thought of sleeping with something jammed in your mouth might feel foreign at first, but there are a number of highly successful dental applications designed specifically for easing snoring.

Most of these function by pressing down the tongue and creating more space for air to flow through the mouth – try to consult someone before purchase, however, as some universal products may not fit your specifications.

Last but not least, one big tip that won’t necessarily help you stop snoring but will make sleeping easier for those around you: invest in a white noise machine. It can help drown out the sounds of snoring to make it a more restful night for everyone.

Good night and good luck!

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