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The Best Sleep Mask for You: 7 Picks

Choosing the best sleep mask is not at the top of most people’s to do list.

In the modern, hectic world we live in, not getting enough sleep is a common occurrence. But just because it’s common doesn’t make it any less bearable. The effects of sleep deprivation range from impacting our looks (under-eye bags, anyone?) to our immune system and even cardiovascular health!

But before you reach for the sleeping pills, you’ll want to know about the easiest way to help yourself fall asleep. Yup, you guessed it – grab yourself one of the best sleep masks and strap it on!

A sleeping mask seems like such a simple thing but often, it’s the simplest solutions that work the best. By covering your eyes and inducing natural production of melatonin, the sleeping hormone, a good sleep mask helps you shut out the world – literally – and get in the mood for some restful zzz’s.

How to Choose the Best Eye Mask for Sleeping

We live in a world of abundance, don’t we? As such, we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to everything from cereal to sleep masks. 

So how do you choose the best sleep mask for sleeping amidst the huge array of choices? Well, it all starts with knowing the most important factors to consider when choosing a mask. Not all masks are created equal. And some will serve the purpose better than others, or, rather, they’ll serve a different purpose. 

Let’s take a look at what you want to look for in your future sleep mask soulmate…

How well does it block the light?

Light-blocking is the most important feature of a sleeping mask. However, masks do not often block 100% of the incoming light. This is not always a fault in manufacturing – some are made not to block out all the light.

Such masks are lighter and less expensive. They make a great addition to those who already sleep in a fairly dark room, and need to block that little bit of light that passes on the side of the curtains, or to block incoming light from the hallway or the like. These masks, as other more heavy-duty ones, serve to keep your eyes from drying too.

As for the heavy-duty masks, they are made to block out 99% to 100% of the light. These masks are perfect for those who work night shifts and need to sleep during the day. Or for those whose partners like to read into the wee hours of watch TV. These masks are also recommended to people who often travel via plane. These masks are heavier and fit more tightly around the face for maximum light-blocking.

So the first thing you want to consider when choosing a sleep mask is how much light blocking you want. Is pitch dark the only way you can sleep or do you simply need a soft, fuzzy darkness?

How does it fit?

It is very important to pick a mask that fits well on your face. Masks come in all shapes and sizes, and often come with an adjustable strap that fits most users’ heads so overall fit is usually not much of an issue.

What matters more is the fact that a mask needs to fit well on your face in order to block out as much light as possible. When choosing a mask, pay special attention at how the mask fits around the nose. If you have a larger or smaller than average nose, look for a high-quality mask that has a small flap of fabric that helps the mask adjust to the size of your nose.

Another important consideration is eye cavities. These are made so that the fabric doesn’t come in contact with your eyes. Some people find it very annoying when the fabric touches their eyes and makes it difficult to blink, and it is proven that this can disrupt REM sleep. So make sure the sleep mask you choose allows some “wiggle room” for your peepers.  

What’s it made out of?

A sleep mask is going to be in contact with some of the most sensitive, delicate skin on your face (your around-the-eye area) for several hours every night so it absolutely matters what fabric the mask if made out of! 

Masks are usually made of silk, satin, cotton and memory foam. What you choose is hugely preferential. If you’re not sure, you may want to try out 2 to 3 sleep masks and go with the one that feels best on your skin. 

Okay, now that you know all about what to look for in the perfect sleep mask, let’s take a look at some of the best sleeping masks on the market!

The Best Sleep Mask: Top 7 Picks

Do a quick Google search and you’ll quickly discover that there are hundreds – if not thousands – of sleep masks to choose from. But who has the time?

Especially when you could be napping…

To spare you the agony of flipping through subpar mask after mask, we’ve compiled a small selection of the best sleep masks. You can’t go wrong with any of the choices on this list!

Alaska Bear Natural Silk Sleep Mask

We start off this list with one of the best all-around sleep masks for pretty much anybody. Even those with the most sensitive skin. This mask is a true blessing for insomniacs and those who simply want to sleep better. The mask is made of 100% mulberry silk on either side of the mask. Needless to say, it is soft and smooth, and, most of all, lightweight.

The plastic adjuster on the sides is very thin and inconspicuous, so the mask is great even for side sleepers.

The adjustable strap offers a width of 15.8 to 27.6 inches. That means it’s a good fit for a wide variety of head shapes and sizes. The mask is great for alleviating insomnia, prevents eye dryness, and helps with migraine headaches. The fabric is hypoallergenic and allows more oxygen to pass through so your skin may breathe. Finally, the mask is wonderfully compatible with ear plugs and CPAP facial masks.

Overall, a simple, lightweight and easy to wear mask that’s perfect for those who want darkness without any heavy feeling around their face! Oh, and the mask comes in a pretty wide variety of designs – from Van Gogh’s starry night to good old solid colors – so there is something for everybody.

Tempur-pedic Sleep Mask

The Tempur-Pedic sleep mask is the cream of the crop when it comes to high-end masks. It is so well made, that, once you get it, you’ll hardly want to part with it. Especially if you need something a little more heavy duty to help you sleep during the day or on planes.

The mask provides a tight, snug fit, and allows absolutely no light through. The TEMPUR material of the mask is especially good at contouring to your face, so no light will seep through the mask at the nose bridge or on the sides.

The mask features an elastic Velcro strap that is highly adjustable so anyone can wear it. The mask is very warm and comfortable, especially in winter months, but may get a little hot during hot days.

The best part? The mask is also outfitted with eye cavities. The fabric never touches your face or eyelashes so you don’t have to worry about putting undue pressure on your eyes or disrupting the REM phase of your sleep.

This mask is great for all. But it is hands down the best eye mask for sleeping for people who work night shifts or travel a lot.

Sleep Headphones and Mask

best eye mask for sleeping

Looking to block out both lights and annoying, disruptive sounds? The MusiCozy is the perfect mask for you. Why? For starters, this isn’t your average sleep mask. This mask features headphones built into the sides so you can listen to music while you sleep. The headphones are isolated so that none of the sounds leak to your surroundings.

The mask is made of extra durable materials that are, at the same time soft and gentle on your eyes. It’s designed with a special contour so that it doesn’t exert pressure on the eyes at all. The result? Complete darkness and complete relaxation. Finally, the mask features a microphone, so that you may receive and answer calls. This mask is great for anyone who travels often, those who work night shifts, have sleeping disorders, like listening to music or white noise, and it can be even used for meditation.

Sleep Master Sleep Mask

This mask has got it all – it is one of the most well-designed and well-rounded masks on the market. The mask is made not only to eliminate 100% of the light, but it also has paddings on your ears that muffle sound, thus providing a lightless, noiseless environment for you to sleep in.

The mask is made of a soft satin material so that it allows your skin to breathe and won’t put pressure on your eyes. Our favorite thing about this mask, though, is how it has a very comfortable area for your nose as well as enough length to thoroughly cover your face so no light seeps in, no matter how big your nose is. 

And of course it is hypoallergenic and contains no latex. It also has a wonderful ergonomic shape so that it is a great fit even for people who sleep on their sides. The mask is one-size-fits-all with its Velcro elastic, adjustable strips.

The mask is great for travelers, hotel stayers, meditation as well as for people whose partners watch TV at night or snore abominably (you might want to pair this with a great set of sleep earplugs if you share a bed with a snorer!).

Sleep Fountain Silk Copper Ion Sleep Mask

Of all the masks we’ve presented today, this is the only one that not only blocks out light, but it rejuvenates both your skin and your eyes. This sleep mask combines mulberry silk lining with copper ion technology to remove problems such as puffy eyes. The result? You get skin care benefits while you sleep. For example, a little help with bags under your eyes and any damage your skin might have suffered.

With this mask, you’ll never wake tired or sleepy. The mask comes with an adjustable strap for a one-size-fits-all experience, and so that it does not tangle up your hair. The only inconvenience you might experience is the side adjuster. It’s a small metallic plate that serves this purpose may cause discomfort for those sleeping on the side. All in all, this is a great mask for all those who value their beauty sleep – literally – and want to do something nice for their skin while they sleep!

3D Contoured Cup Sleeping Mask

This 3D contoured sleep mask is relatively new to the market but it is already one of the best sleep masks you can get. How? It’s like the company that made it has meticulously sifted through all the customer reviews on popular sleep masks and made according changes in order to upgrade their sleep mask into one of the best ones on the market.

The result? The MZOO 3D Contoured Cup Sleeping Mask is truly state of the art in every aspect. The mask is made of super soft rebound memory foam that softly molds to your face. It remains comfortable no matter what position you sleep in – even if you’re a side or stomach sleeper.

The mask is made with a special contouring and shape so that it doesn’t put pressure on your eyes. Its so light weight and brilliantly contoured that you’ll forget that you’re even wearing a mask! The only way you’ll know that you’ve just donned the best face mask is when you realize that the world has gone completely pitch black. Yes, this mask is that effective in blocking out light.

All in all, this is a great mask. It is perfectly suited for insomniacs, people who work night shifts, regular travelers, and can be used effectively even for meditation.

Breathable Pure Mulberry Silk Sleep Masks

Say hello to the cutest sleep masks you’ve ever seen. The lightest of all the masks on this list, this mask is unbelievably soft and gentle on the skin. This is because it is made from and filled with 100% mulberry silk. The result is the most lightweight and gentle darkness you can get.

Mulberry silk is considered the Queen of Fibers. It is hypoallergenic and has good air circulation. Perfect for those who want to keep light out but still let their skin breathe. It’s also great at keeping you cool so if you love sleep masks but hate the feeling of a hot face – this one’s for you!

The mask has an adjustable strap that fits everyone. It does not have cavities, but it is so light that it will not cause problems during the REM phase. And no blurred vision in the mornings either. The mask also features pouches, so you can put herbs to help you alleviate puffy eyes and to improve the conditioning of the skin. All in all, an excellent item. Perfect for use by insomniacs, people who suffer from dark circles and puffy eyes, and those who like to look absolutely adorable while getting their beauty sleep!

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