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Top 7 Best Earplugs for Sleeping

On the hunt for the best earplugs for sleeping? You know, the kind that can completely shut out the world around you so you can finally get some much needed silence and slumber. Join the club.

In a perfect world, everybody would just shut up and simmer down when it came close to your bedtime. But in the actual world we live in, one must deal with partners who snore and neighbors who bring the party home.

So how do you manage to get some sleep around here? Well, you may not be able to control other people’s behavior but you can certainly control your own. 

In fact, you can control more than your behavior – with the best earplugs for sleeping, you can even control your sleep environment, making it as quiet, peaceful and calm as you need it to be to fall asleep. Even as the freight train you call your partner continues to roll on into the night. 

Here are the most comfortable, noise canceling earbuds to keep you sleeping like a baby, no matter what’s happening in the world around you!

The Absolute Best Earplugs for Sleeping

Keep in mind that the below earplugs won’t protect your ears if and when you’re operating a wood chipper, but they are comfortable and work great if all you’re looking for is uninterrupted sleep! Here are the best picks…

Flents Ear Plugs

If you’re looking to drown out the sounds of a noisy party or snoring roommates, then you’re in luck. These Flents earplugs are made from premium soft foam, designed to be durable and comfortable even in your sleep.

Using these plugs is not exactly rocket science, though it’s also not a simple matter of plug-and-sleep. The idea is that you compress a plug by rolling it, and then insert it into your ear. As the plug decompresses, returning to its original shape, it seals your ear to all but the loudest noises (NRR 33 decibel protection), so you can sleep through your significant other’s snoring, or the night-time gymnastics of that noisy neighbor couple from 2D.

All jokes aside, though, these plugs are very effective, and they’re fairly comfortable for sleeping on the side, being made from memory foam. You get 20 pairs of these puppies, as well as a handy reusable cube container to put on your nightstand.

Decibullz Custom Molded Earplugs

If you’re looking for something to protect you from noise, no matter if you want to sleep, study or shoot, then the custom molded earplugs by Decibullz might be just the thing. These thermoplastic puppies offer protection from up to 31dB.

All you have to do is take the plugs, heat up a coffee mug of water, and plop them inside. It’s crucial that you shape the plugs one at a time for best results.

This should transform the plug into a pliable, wax-like substance you can mold to your ear. Next, let it cool a minute or so, then mold it within your ear. Alternatively, you attach a silicone ear bud and work the Decibullz until you get a perfect, custom-molded fit. Repeat for the other ear. You can re-mold them as many times as you like.

Ear Buddy Soft Foam Ear Plugs

The Ear Buddy really lives up to its name, as it enables you to block out the noise and protect your hearing. They’re also heavy duty enough to be helpful for a wide range of activities, from concerts and construction, over-sleeping and shooting, to general hearing protection from all manner of the noisome day- and night-time activities.

However, the super soft memory foam material they are made from recommends them particularly for sleeping, including sleeping on your side – don’t worry, these babies don’t fall out. The foam has a very slow rebound time, and will stay inside no matter what you do in bed at night.

Additionally, you can enjoy full peace of mind with the strongest guarantee industry-wide, as the manufacturer is prepared to offer a 60-day unconditional return period, if you should be dissatisfied with the product (and you won’t).

The purchase includes 50 pairs of these amazing earplugs and a reusable plastic container you can keep handy next to the bed.

Quies Anti Noise Wax Ear Plugs

If you’ve got sensitive ears and would like great, effective, disposable and completely customizable noise protection for your ears, then the Quies Wax Ear Plugs are the thing for you. As the tin states, they’re made from a combo of natural wax and hypoallergenic cotton; they’re made with no toxic chemicals, and completely dermatologically safe.

As mentioned earlier, these plugs are a one-time deal, as they’re disposable after each use, though they’re good for up to three uses. You get twelve pairs in each package, each of which is designed for prolonged wear. Translated into plain English, they’re made to be comfortable and hygienic.

In case you find foam frustrating or irritating, then these little puppies are your new best friend; just make sure to warm them up a bit in your hand a couple of minutes before you go to bed, so they’re more pliable.

3M Classic Earplugs

If you’re in the market for the perfect fitting earplug, then look no further than the 3M Classic earplugs. This is the stuff that the Army uses, so you know it’s able to deaden a lot of noise.

The plugs are made with fairly firm foam that can deform easily, but expands slowly. Simply compress the plugs, place them inside your ears, and wait until they gently turn back to their original shape, thereby sealing your ears from the outside world.

The foam used for making them is gentle enough to be comfortable for you as you sleep, and won’t give you any trouble if you’re a side sleeper, which is why they remain one of, if not the one most popular brand of earplugs in the world.

Mack’s Pillow Soft Silicone Earplugs

If you have a pillow that’s as soft as heavenly clouds, then you need earplugs to match, and you just might find that in these little puppies.

As far as moldable silicone earplugs go, the Macks Pillow soft earplugs are America’s #1 selling brand. With a noise reduction rating of 22dB, these won’t exactly protect you from the noise on a deck of an aircraft carrier, but they’ll keep out the noise from the construction that starts at the ungodly hour of 5 AM, or the wildebeest-level snoring from your significant other, or even that uninhibited couple from next-door.

In all seriousness, though, the plugs are easily moldable and super-comfortable and come in six-packs. They really come into their own in the pool, as they do a superlative job of sealing water – great if you own a waterbed.

Plugmatic Premium Silicone Ear Plugs

These Plugmatic silicone moldable earplugs are exactly what it says on the tin, though a little addendum seems in order: these are made with women and kids in mind, so if you’ve got smaller ears that find the average earplugs too big for comfort – these are for you. 

To use them, simply take one pearl and shape it over your ear canal, with no prior preparation. They’ll just seal over the opening of your ears, protecting them from both noise and water, and given you can barely feel them, they’re perfect for both swimming and sleeping, especially backstrokers and side-sleepers.

So, ladies, if your significant other snores, and you happen to fall asleep after he does (which, let’s face it, happens more often than not), here’s a little something you can count on to get your beauty sleep each and every night!

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