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12 Foods That Help You Sleep

Most of us love nothing more than climbing into bed after a long day, a short day, or even just a day, maybe a night, or a morning…we pretty much just love being in bed. That said, it’s not always so easy to just drop off to sleep straight away, and there’s nothing more draining […]

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How to Lose Weight While Sleeping

You snooze, you lose…weight? It’s like I’m in your head and writing an article based upon your wildest dreams, isn’t it? Losing weight through warm, comfortable sleep? No, you aren’t dreaming. This is real life. Read on for six (and a bit) tips on how to lose weight while sleeping! Get enough sleep Let’s start […]

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Does Sleeping Help You Grow Taller?

On top of all the other benefits of sleep, does sleep help you grow taller as well? The first thing you need to know about growing taller is that the human growth hormone (HGH) is the most important factor. The HGH is a naturally occurring hormone, produced by the pituitary gland and it promotes growth […]

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