How to Get a Child to Sleep in 3 Simple Steps

Parents since the beginning of time have been wondering how to get a child to sleep. And we still haven’t quite figured it out ’cause according to WebMD, an astounding seven out of ten children aren’t getting enough z’s – and as we all know, if the kids aren’t sleeping, neither are we. So how do […]

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Is Melatonin for Kids Safe?

The melatonin secret is well and truly out of the bag these days: from a $90 million market in 2007 to a staggering $260 million come 2012, a huge number of troubled sleepers are taking the issue into their own hands and supplementing for a good night’s sleep. Although this degree of reliance upon one […]

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The Most Effective Herbal Sleep Aids

The search for effective sleep remedies can be a long, arduous one – especially if you’re heading down the herbal or natural route. That’s not to say herbal sleep aids aren’t effective – they can be incredibly helpful for helping you get to bed – but there’s going to be some experimentation involved. It’s also […]

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