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How to Get a Child to Sleep in 3 Simple Steps

Parents since the beginning of time have been wondering how to get a child to sleep. And we still haven’t quite figured it out ’cause according to WebMD, an astounding seven out of ten children aren’t getting enough z’s – and as we all know, if the kids aren’t sleeping, neither are we. So how do […]

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Top 5 Loud Alarm Clocks for Heavy Sleepers

Do you sleep like the dead? If you’ve out-slept most of the alarm clocks you’ve owned, you’re in good company. There are a lot of us super heavy sleepers out there and we all know nature sounds and gently brightening lights ain’t gonna cut it when it comes to rousing us from our nightly coma slumber. […]

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Is Melatonin for Kids Safe?

The melatonin secret is well and truly out of the bag these days: from a $90 million market in 2007 to a staggering $260 million come 2012, a huge number of troubled sleepers are taking the issue into their own hands and supplementing for a good night’s sleep. Although this degree of reliance upon one […]

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